It is a realm born of chaos and crafted by the whims of a
fickle and capricious deity...

It is a world where land masses float through the aether,
held in place by the whims of the Lady...

It is a land brimming with magic where great sailing ships
ply the aethereal trade lanes held aloft by arcane spells...

Welcome to...

The Lady’s Rock
The Lady's Rock is the default campaign setting for the d10 System.

The human empire has ruled the "known world" for more than 2000 years.  It has maintained the delicate peace
for almost a millennium.  Now a new enemy has come to the empire.  Implacable minotaur raiders in their fierce
draconian aether-ships have landed on the shores of the empire.  In their wake they bring destruction,
wholesale slaughter, and proof that the empire is no longer alone.  

This unique setting has all the things you would expect from a campaign setting, and a few that you never saw
coming.  Coupled with the innovative d10 System, it's a game that's kept us entertained and promises to do the
same for you.